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Physical Education

We are lucky at Brooklands to have so many sporting role models. Lily Loveday is a former county level Badminton player and has recently completed training to be a badminton coach with Badminton England enabling her to coach our children. Ryan Crouch, an Ipswich-trained swimmer competed at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Brooklands staff have been sharing their sporting interests with our children. From Alex Hoskings running the Great Northern Run to Charlie Goddard playing football for Brantham, our children are being inspired.

Our sports coaches: Ryan Crouch, Haz Snook, Alex Hoskings and Joshua McLaughlin work to make lunchtimes fun and active active for all our children, encouraging them to take park in new sports such as Tchoukball and Quicksticks.

We host a ‘Club Market’ where local clubs of all kinds from Irish dancing to rugby share what they do. We hope that this will encourage are children to try something new.