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Team Brooklands

Our Team:

Brooklands has a dedicated team to support all aspects of your children's learning and we are proud of our highly skilled and innovative teaching capability. To meet the team, please click on the links.

Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

Christine Davy


Mike Waddell


Assistant Headteacher Senior Leadership Team

Megan Glazin
English Subject Leader,
Early Years/Key Stage 1 Leader


Pippa Wake

Mathematics Subject leader,
Key Stage 2 Leader


Teachers Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Lily Loveday

Cleonie Ward
Marie Hunting
Charlie Goddard

Harry Legg
Rhian Brighton


Tracey Clover
Lyn Wines

Teaching Assistants  

Tamara Harvey

Alex Hosking
Gill McFarland

Katharine Liu



School Business Manager Administrative Assistants
Jane Day

Sharon Brooke

Claire Le Roy


Caretaking / Cleaners Mid-Day Supervisors



Julie Brown
Katharine Liu
Eunice Andrews

Jo McLellan


Kitchen Staff  

Liz Parker
Amanda Noakes